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Summer Goals #3

In this thrilling third and final part of the trilogy, Chris continues to talk about his summer goals.


If you saw my ‘Tidying My Room’ video a few months ago, you’ll know that my room is a complete tip. It’s been tidied since, but I still have far too much stuff that I don’t need under my bed and on my bookcases. I need to get rid of all of that rubbish and make s[ace for important things.

Learn to Complete a Rubik’s Cubes

About three months ago I got a Rubik’s cube and intended to learn how to solve it, and everything was going well for a week or two until I got bored. Over the summer I shall resume my efforts and try to learn the correct algorithms to do it.

Kill the Tongue Face

If you’ve ever talked to me online you’ll know I use the :P far too often. It needs to die, painfully.  In fire. Much like most of the other faces actually (particularly :S, that face is nearly impossible to make in real life).

Buy and Watch Films

For some reason I don’t own the first Harry Potter film, so another aim is to obtain that during the summer. On top of this, I need to get hold of the Star Wars saga so I can finally watch that, and possibly suffer through the Lord Of The Rings films just to say I’ve actually made it through them to the end. That last bit is possibly the most punishing challenge of all. I’m sure there are many other films I need to watch on top of these.

Go To London

Despite living an hour away from London I’ve never actually been there just to explore. I’ve been there a few times to watch football at Fulham and a few times on pointless school trips, but I’ve never had free reign to do what I like. Thus, I want to go (although not during the Olympics. Summer In The City, maybe?).

Stop Eating Chocolate

Truth be told, I really don’t like chocolate. Well, not on its own, anyway. Yet, somehow, I always seem to end up eating it for one reason or another. This shall stop. Hopefully.

Use YouTube More

I realised last night that I really don’t use YouTube much. I mean, I frequently use it for music and watching popular vloggers, but there’s still an awful lot more out there to see. I need to explore more and find new YouTubers who are great. YouTuber suggestions? Send them to me!

Summer Goals #2

Part two! I’m surprised you’re even bothering to read this!

Make a Radio Show

Similar to the ‘Hits By Day’ series that Alex Day does, I’d like to start doing a radio show on Mixcloud or a similar platform. There have been several times where I’ve actually drawn up a script and chosen the songs, but then never actually got around to recording it. As one of my summer goals I’m going to aim to do one of these at least every other week, if not more frequently.

Three Videos a Week

Without a schedule I feel I have to stick to, I never actually end up making videos. This is pretty much why there have been massive gaps with no videos at all, and then an entire week of videos. Since it’s Summer and I don’t have much to do, I’m going to say I have to upload at least three videos per week. I’m not specifying days of the week, but at least three videos between Monday and Sunday, each and every week.

Write a CV

While I’m not exactly actively looking for work right now, I don’t have a CV, and it would be nice to have one prepared in the event I do see an interesting job.

Write a Novel/Short Story/Something

It’s always been my ambition to have a story written by me out there in the world. Thus far, my best has been around about three pages of rubbish about a killer rabbit for a piece of English coursework five years ago. I shall do better. Hopefully

Learn a New Programming Language

I’m not sure how much you know about me, but I’m rather into computer programming (mainly Web Development at the moment), but I don’t know that many commonly used languages. I know PHP and most of the important stuff for web development, but I’d like to learn something to do with game development or Android development.


So despite what I said in one of my recent videos, I decided not to make a low quality site to be put on, and am in the process of building a decent community site. It’s going to take a while to build it to the standard I’d like and making sure it’s all set up correctly, but hopefully this will be done well before the end of summer.

Build a Joomla Module

Joomla is a content management system I use a lot when developing websites and I’ve always wanted to develop a module or component for it and give a little bit back to the community.

Hit 100 Subs

This one is fairly explanatory I suppose. I know gaining subs isn’t really something I control (without cheating/mass spam, anyway), but it’s a nice summer goal. I’m on 72 as of the last check, so hopefully it’s achievable, but I won’t be too expectant. Maybe I should just head back to the Ning and make a boat full of new friends… that could work.

Part two over, see you in the third and final part!

Summer Goals #1

So, if you’ve seen my most recent video about my summer plans (click here), you’ll know that I have 20 goals for the summer. In this post, I thought I’d elaborate a little on those since there were too many to realistically talk about in a video.

Read Five Books

I can’t deny it, I’ve been reading far too little recently (in fact, a total of one book in the past four months or so – not good at all), so my first goal for the summer is to read at least five books. I don’t know what these will be yet, but I’m sure even I can find five to read. Several of these are likely to be catching up on the Kiera Hudson series (click here) which I am quite a fan of.

Learn To Play A Whole Song On Guitar

I’ve had my guitar for more than six months now and I’ve barely used it. This needs to change, so I’m aiming to know at least one entire song on guitar by the end of the summer. I don’t think I’m too far away from being able to play a basic song, but I’ve lacked any dedication and patience with guitar, and both of those things seem to be vitally important when learning to play.

Script Machinima

A long, long time ago in a video I mentioned a secret project I had going on with a friend. Well, this was to create a machinima series in Minecraft, and we actually did most of the hard work in building an entire town. However, once completed, the project fell apart for various reasons and was shelved, but we still have this awesome map and no use for it. Thus, once the project fell through I started adapting it for a one-off machinima of my own, and it’s now at a stage where it could be filmed on, all that’s needed is a script and some people to film, do voice work and etcetera.

Therefore, over the summer, I’m going to work on that script. I already have a vague plan in mind, most of the sets are already built or will only need slight modification, and I think it could be a really fun project. I’ll probably talk more about the plan and the map at a later date, but for now just know that it will be humorous and light-hearted (or, at least, that’s the plan).

Hit 20,000 Gamerscore

Gaming is another thing I haven’t done much of recently, which is a shame because I really do enjoy it. The last game I played on my XBOX 360 was DiRT Showdown quite a few weeks ago now, and I really need to do more. To hopefully get me back into it, I decided I should aim to reach 20,000 Gamerscore by the end of summer, which means getting roughly another 5000 gamer score.

This is one of the targets I care least about because it isn’t ‘productive’ as such, it’s more just something to lure me back into gaming. That said, it’s still a target, and I’ll still try my best to meet it.

Make Gaming Videos

I’ve been threatening it for a while now but I never seem to get around to it (well, that’s a lie, I did record an hour of Batman: Arkham City, but the sound failed miserably). Therefore, goal #5 is to establish my gaming channel. I’m not setting any target number of videos because I’m not sure how many I’ll be able to make with all of the other aims, but I’ll try and do them well and fairly frequently.

This is starting to get rather long, so I’m going to split this into several posts. See you in part two.


My video response to “Do you have any tips for a relatively new YouTube vlogger on how to be awesomez?”

Hank answered my question! Some of you other Project 12 guys might be interested :)

Via Hank's Tumblr

50 Subscribers

So, if YouTube is anything to go by (which it is), then I just hit 50 subscribers. Thank you all so much for subscribing and watching my vlogs this far. I know 50 isn’t a huge number when compared to some of the bigger YouTubers but it really does mean a lot to me, and it’s hopefully the first milestone of many. When you compare it to the peak of 51 subscribers that I had on my old gaming channel (which took me almost two years to accumulate), 50 in under two months seems like a huge step up.

So, basically, thankyou verrrrrrrrrrrry verrrrrrry much. Now all that remains to be done is the challenge which I sort of promised to do in a video yesterday. I think at the moment I’m probably going to go with one that my friend Kyle suggested.

"Fit as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible or wear all your clothes. Or both."

So I’m definitely going to do the marshmallow part, and potentially the other part too, but that remains to be seen. Not sure when I will be doing it, but I will when I can grab some marshmallows and have plenty of filming time. This could be interesting…

Vlogging Every Day

So rather than do the coursework that I’m supposed to be doing right now, I figured I would write a little here about how I manage to make a video (which hopefully isn’t completely awful) every day. Quite a few people have been asking me about this recently so I decided I’d write about that here so that I can just point people this way (which probably just about beats avoiding the question completely).

When it comes down to it, making a vlog every day is actually fairly easy. I’ve been doing this for almost two months now (or 52 days, if you want a more precise total) and it’s just become a good habit. Just like eating dinner or brushing your teeth, it becomes something of a routine which is hard to escape from.

Even while I was on holiday I managed to film a blog every day (admittedly most of these were subsequently deleted, but I still felt the need to record them). This routine didn’t take that long to fall into, by the time I had made my fifth video it had already started to take hold, and now it just seems like a part of life.

There are only two problems that I could see ever being an issue with Project 12, which are time and ideas. Currently time isn’t really an issue for me, there are a few days in which videos are a pain to film, but I still manage it. Hopefully that will continue to be the case through the rest of the year (though whether or not a job will let me have time to make acceptable videos is yet to be seen).

Ideas, however, is starting to become something of an issue. At the start of the project I could generally think of an idea for the next day and get by with just a rolling ideas generation something. However, now I am having to think of as many video ideas as possible in advance, and when I think of one, I have to note it down immediately. At the start of the project when I had a good supply of ideas I could afford to lose a few into the depths of my mind, but now I really have to clutch at straws if I’m to have anything for the next video. Hopefully that isn’t showing too much, but video suggestions are always welcome. I have a few ideas for upcoming videos, along with a few ideas for specific days coming up in the next couple of months, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up. 

Just as a little side note, thank you very much for supporting this crazy video project so far, and please do stick around. Having great fans means a great deal to me, even if I don’t have that many (yet). I should also give a special thank you to Chris Were who organises Project 12, thank you for creating the project, because it’s given me an awful lot of encouragement to carry on making videos. Without Project 12 I imagine that I would have probably given up before the end of January, and it’s also helped me to get to know a lot more people, so thank you very much.

As is the tradition on my Tumblr, here is another exclusive picture of me trying to eat a friend. When I say exclusive… I mean exclusive to people who aren’t my friend on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, follow me on Twitter!!/RealChrisDolman 

Okay, I’m going to stop typing now, best wishes!

Hello, and welcome to my Tumblr. I won’t deny that that is likely to be ignored the majority of the time like my old Tumblr, my blog and various other projects I’ve started on, but I will try my best to keep this at least a little up to date.

I imagine anything that I do post on this will be ideas that are either too long or not suitable for putting into videos for whatever reason. I don’t intend to be the type of person who re-blogs everything that they lay their eyes upon and I doubt I’ll post many/any of my videos on here. That said, this will probably become my official means of giving updates that I can’t fit onto Twitter so please do follow me or whatever it is that happens on Tumblr.

So, since you seem to have read this far and not got bored, I will assume that you are a loyal friend or fan. As such, here is an exclusive picture of me (well… exclusive ish)

me using a vending machine

It’s me using a hot chocolate vending machine about a year ago. What? I never said it would be very good.


January’s leaderboard for Project 12

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